Form EMD-078

Some have wondered why the CCARES leaders are so insistent that the Emergency Worker Daily Activity Report (Form EMD-078) be completed for each of our training activities. The answer is simple, it is required under Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 118-04-100 (12).

“Emergency worker daily activity report, Form EMD-078 or equivalent, shall be used as a part of the administrative record for each training event. When a series of training activities is covered by a single training event number, separate emergency worker daily activity reports, Form EMD-078, or equivalent, shall be used for each activity.”


It also is the document that will be needed if you have a claim with the State of Washington as it confirms you attendance to a training event or mission. With the EWC issued to you it has some benefits as noted below.

1. What is the Emergency Worker Card (EWC) issued by CRESA?
a. The Emergency Worker Card provides the ability to file a claim for Fuel, Toll, & Ferry Expenses, Medical Expenses, Property Loss or Damage, and for Extraordinary Expenses (e.g., feeding, lodging, and other extraordinary expenses incurred after first 24 hours) with the State of Washington.
b. Coverage is from Portal to Portal
c. EWC are issued for three years.
d. Backgrounds are conducted by Clark County Sheriff.
e. Expired EWC could result is claims being denied.