3/23/19 – 4th Saturday Exercise

Meeting Date: 
Saturday, March 23, 2019 - 09:00

Focus:  Station Startup
Time:  9 AM to Noon
Refer to:  Operating Aid, Attachment A to Tab 3 – Activation Checklist

Activation Method:
• EC will call out AECs at 7:30 AM via SMS and phone
• AECs will call out Team Leaders via phone shortly thereafter
• Team Leaders may use any call out method (radio, phone, SMS) to team members

Deployment Locations:  Served-Agency facilities (or, if closed, portable outside)

Exercise Scenario:  Practice full station activation process

1. Each team activates a VHF/UHF field station, including digital modes, at their served-agency location(s)
2. Each team completes the Activation Checklist in its entirety (Operating Aid, Attachment A to Tab 3)
3. Each team passes two (2) messages via voice using the ICS-213 form
4. Each team passes one (1) digital message via Packet BBS, Winlink, or Winlink Peer-to-Peer (at the option of the team)
5. Each participant sends an After Action Report (AAR) to their Team Leader within three (3) days following the exercise
6. Each Team Leader sends their team’s EMD-078 form, and a consolidated After Action Report (AAR), to their AEC within six (6) days following the exercise

Pre-Exercise Task:  Team Leaders need to contact their served-agency in advance to confirm site and equipment access on the date of the exercise.

If A Served-Agency Site Will Not Be Available:  Operations from the served-agency site should be simulated using an Orange Kit or personal equipment from an adjacent parking area.

Other:  At the conclusion of the exercise, all members should participate in a on-the-air “hot wash” (exercise debriefing) which will be conducted on CLRK 2 at Noon.