6/27/20 & 6/28/20 – Field Day

Meeting Date: 
Saturday, June 27, 2020 - 11:00

Participation in ARRL Field Day is part of the Clark County ARES/RACES Annual Training Plan (which was submitted to the state Emergency Management Division to obtain our group mission number).  Normally for Field Day, we would encourage members to get outdoors and practice operating under “field” conditions, work closely with members from other teams, greet public officials and the general public, and to have fun.  But 2020 is far from normal, so we are making adjustments.

Clark County ARES/RACES will be implementing Temporary Rule Waiver #2 for our 2020 ARRL Field Day participation in order to get us past the group gathering restrictions in place in Washington state.  What this means for us is deploying a whole bunch of individual stations and aggregating our results into a combined Clark County ARES/RACES score.  Technician Class licensees can help out my making and logging VHF and UHF simplex contacts.

So, please participate in Field Day 2020 as an individual, or perhaps a very small group of individuals (while practicing “social distancing”).  If you have not done Field Day before, are apprehensive about entering, or have not participated in Field Day as a single operator station, we are holding weekly virtual Question & Answer sessions each Thursday evening in June from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM.


•  11:00 AM Saturday to 11:00 AM Sunday – “On-the-air” operating period


•  Your own personal callsign


•  Wherever you desire

Entry Classification:

•  A – Group of three or more persons (up to five outside your household under the Phase 2 COVID-19 re-opening guidelines which were approved on June 5, 2020)
•  B – Station set up and operated by no more than two persons
•  C – Stations in vehicles capable of operating while in motion and normally operated in this manner
•  D – Stations operating from permanent or licensed station locations using commercial power
•  E – Stations operating from permanent or licensed station locations using emergency power for transmitters and receivers


•  Clark County ARES/RACES members are asked to enter “ccareswa.org” in the “Club or Group Name” field on the https://field-day.arrl.org/fdentry.php reporting web page.

Field Day Coordinator:

Bernd / KB7AK