Fall 2018 Simulated Emergency Test (SET)

Meeting Date: 
Saturday, September 29, 2018 - 07:30

Saturday, September 29th, 2018
All members are encouraged to participate.

Exercise Scenario: ESF #2 “field station” support for multiple CCARES/RACES served agencies following an extended period of rainfall.

1. Each team establishes a battery-operated VHF/UHF field station
2. Each team member practices Orange Kit setup
3. Each team member practices sending both voice and Winlink peer-to-peer messages
4. Each team passes messages to/from each other participating team via both voice and Winlink peer-to-peer
5. Each participant sends an After Action Report (AAR) to their Team Leader
6. Each Team Leader sends a consolidated After Action Report (AAR) to the EC

Times: 9:00 AM (on-site) to Noon

Activation Method: EC will call out Team Leaders at 7:30 AM via radio (on CLRK 2)

Deployment location environment: Outdoors, cement surface, no amenities except for nearby restrooms. If raining, an adjacent covered cement surface will be used. Entry access to both areas is restricted to vehicles which are 6’ 8” or less in height. Parking for taller vehicles is available nearby.

Equipment to Bring: Orange Kit (preferred) or equivalent personal VHF/UHF equipment.

Equipment Restrictions: Station power to be batteries only. No commercial mains are available. No fueled generators. Solar panel recharging of batteries during the exercise is okay (but likely will not be needed due to the length of the exercise).

Other: At the conclusion of the exercise, a “hot wash” (exercise debriefing) will be conducted by the EC prior to departure.