FEMA courses link

Here is the weblink for the FEMA training course list: https://training.fema.gov/is/crslist.aspx
When the weather outside is frightful, or more typically in the Pacific Northwest, just gray and gloomy, what better way to spend those days inside than taking a few FEMA courses? The required courses, 100 and 700, have both been recently updated, so if it's been awhile, those could be good refreshers. Then 200 and 800 are required elsewhere and will likely become required here as well. The exercise planning and evaluation triplet, 120.c, 130.a, and 139.a, are good for those who are getting involved in the exercise planning. 244.b, Developing and Managing Volunteers, is good for those in leadership positions. Others that are also good for those in leadership roles include 240.b, 241.b, and 242.b. When you get your certificates, please forward a copy to Dan for updating your records.