January 30, 2021 – “5th Saturday” Drill

Meeting Date: 
Saturday, January 30, 2021 - 09:00

Start Time:  9:00 AM

Drill Description:  Repeater Signal Checks

We will be collecting signal reports from members using local 2-meter and 70-centimeter analog repeaters.  This will be a “stay-at-home” drill (unless individual teams want to evaluate coverage from different key locations).

Primary Objective:

Members test all repeaters listed on the ICS-205 form according to NCS directions.

Callout Channel:  CLRK 2A

Coordination Channel:  CLRK 2   (after callout)

Repeaters to be checked:

CLRK 1A, CLRK 3A, CLRK 20, CLRK 21, CLRK 25, CLRK 26, CLRK 27, CLRK 28, CLRK 29, CLRK 31


All members should click here to download the Tab 6 document, then print and insert it into your Operating Aid before the exercise.