March 15, 2021 – General Membership Meeting

Meeting Date: 
Monday, March 15, 2021 - 19:00

All are welcome to attend

Monthly Training Focus – Deployment

Meeting program:

• Core skills training – Taking Winlink Portable Into the Field

Presented by Team 0:

Michael / AE7GQ


When you are not at a fixed station (home or a served agency), are you prepared to operate Winlink from a temporary location?  For example, could you use Winlink with a laptop, a small TNC, and your handheld radio?  This presentation will give you some practical tips for setting up a portable Winlink station.

• Advanced skills topic – Communications Impacts of Human-Caused Incidents

Presented by our guest:

Bruce Richter, Region 10 Coordinator, Emergency Communications Division, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, U.S. Department of Homeland Security


Communications emergencies aren't always caused by natural disasters, sometimes people are involved.  After an overview of CISA's Role in Emergency Communications, the remainder of this presentation will be a briefing on communications impacts of recent human-caused incidents, including cyber disruptions, and what temporary communications assistance was deployed.