Thank you!

Thank you to those who turned out for our Fall S.E.T. on Saturday. Thank you to Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital for hosting our exercise on the top level of their parking garage, thank you to Rus Whaley of Team 12 for arranging that, and to their cafe staff for delivering pizzas to a bunch of hungry hams. Thank you to Aaron Lewis, KI7SGU, who isn't even a CCARES member (yet) for pitching in and helping out. Thank you to the Cowlitz County drone team for being willing to go out and take drone video of the dam, even though it didn't work out in the end. Thank you to Randy Greeley of Cowlitz County for coming down and hand-delivering the photos when Winlink was down. Thank you to the exercise planning team for all of the hard work in making this happen. Anyone who's interested in serving on a working group to plan upcoming exercises, please get in touch with any of the leadership.