Effective 9 March 2020, Clark County ARES/RACES is postponing ALL face-to-face meetings of the organization.  No meeting or training we hold is so critical or essential that it cannot wait until the current COVID-19 situation in Washington has improved.  Please check your email for updates.

NOTE:  Radio nets and non-deployment radio activities will still be held us usual

Did you miss a virtual meeting?  Click here to access our meetings playlist on YouTube.

6/15/20 – Virtual General Membership Meeting

All are welcome to attend

Monthly Training Focus – Prepare for Deployment

Attend this meeting via your computer —


• Core skills training – Communications Logs

Presented by Team 0:  Gary / K7GJT
Overview:  What are the differences between Unit, Station, and Message Logs?  Why is it critically important that all members log activities accurately?

• Lessons learned – “5th Saturday” Exercise

Presented by Team 0:  Dave / WZ8T
Overview:  This session will review the lessons learned during the “5th Saturday” exercise on Saturday, May 30th, 2020.

6/27/20 & 6/28/20 – Field Day

Participation in ARRL Field Day is part of the Clark County ARES/RACES Annual Training Plan (which was submitted to the state Emergency Management Division to obtain our group mission number).  Normally for Field Day, we would encourage members to get outdoors and practice operating under “field” conditions, work closely with members from other teams, greet public officials and the general public, and to have fun.  But 2020 is far from normal, so we are making adjustments.