Our 2019 Simulated Emergency Test took place on Saturday, September 28th.  This was a field deployment exercise based on a simulated “Pineapple Express” flooding scenario.  Members were dispatched to monitor water levels at various bridges around the county and report simulated conditions via radio.

11/23/19 – 4th Saturday Exercise

This will be a tabletop exercise where we will be playing "The COMM-X Game" which was developed locally by the communications gurus at FEMA Region X in Bothell, WA.

The purpose of this game to "help players understand their jurisdictional plans and available resources, to stimulate conversations, and to understand resource limitations and priorities in a non-stress environment."

The COMM-X Game looks at communications throughout the whole community. The scenario cards used in the game were all inspired by "real world" events experienced by FEMA staff.