2/29/20 – 5th Saturday Exercise


8:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Winter Snow Storm


This is a limited-scope exercise that will be conducted to verify simplex communications between served agencies, collect weather data, deploy Clark County ARES/RACES members to selected shelter sites, and demonstrate interoperability with other Clark Citizen Corps groups.


As directed as part of the exercise play.

Activation Methods:

• EC will call out AECs (via radio, phone, and/or SMS).
• AECs will then call out Team Leaders (via radio, phone, and/or SMS).
• Team Leaders will then call out team members (via radio, phone, and/or SMS).

3/14/20 – Strategic Planning Work Session

As an organization, where should we be five or ten years down the road?  How can we meet the ESF #2 needs of the community into the future?  Is our organization's Mission Statement clear, or does it need updating?  Should we expand the scope of what we are doing in order to remain relevant?  How do we recruit and retain new members and keep all members energized?  Are our standards of training adequate, or do they need to be updated?  Should we more closely align our group with the FEMA AuxComm approach to emergency communications?

These questions and many more will be on the table.  This work session is geared for members who can think outside the box, not just the those with leadership responsibilities.  We need input from everyone in order to create a shared vision!  If you cannot attend in person, please pass your strategic planning thoughts along to your team leader prior to this work session.