Invitation to Become a Member

Clark County ARES/RACES is a group of licensed ham radio operators who have volunteered to provide emergency and disaster communications support to our community.  Members develop and maintain emergency communications skills via ongoing training and regular participation in drills and exercises.  Click here for more information.

Position Descriptions and Policies:  The process of updating several sections of the Clark County ARES/RACES Resource Guide is complete.  Some formatting and indexing work still needs to be done, but they have been released and can be viewed here:
  •  Position Descriptions and Training Opportunities
  •  Policy - Member Participation and Retention
  •  Policy - Served Agency Relationships

Please note:  All members (who have not already done so) need to complete the FEMA IS-200 and IS-800 independent study classes by the end of 2021.  Your continued membership depends on completing these classes.  For a chart of training classes by position, click here.

Cascadia Rising 2022 Newsletter:  Click here to read the June, 2021, Edition.

Notice:  Until COVID-19 meeting restrictions are lifted, all General Meetings will be virtual on either Free Conference Call or Zoom.  Contact your Team Leader or the EC for the URL.

Did you miss a virtual meeting?  Click here to access our meetings playlist on YouTube.

July 31, 2021 – Discussion-Based Drill

Drill Scenario:

Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) Earthquake

A response planning session for Team Leaders and Assistant Team Leaders.  This is the first step in documenting a “standard operating procedure” that is well thought-out and can be quickly and easily implemented in the aftermath of a CSZ event.  The output from this drill will form the basis of the annual Simulated Emergency Test in October.

Guest Presenter:

Monique Rabideau, Emergency Operations Manager, Southwest Region, Washington State Department of Transportation

Topic:  Challenges facing critical transportation following a CSZ event


9:00 AM to Noon


This will be a virtual meeting via Zoom.  See email from the EC for details.

August 16, 2021 – General Membership Meeting

All are welcome to attend

Monthly Training Focus – Activate a Station

Meeting program:

• Core skills training (topic #1) – Activating a Station with an Orange Kit

Presented by Team 4:

Gary / N7HAR


From deployment to demobilization, an Orange Kit can be an effective piece of equipment.  This presentation will cover unpacking, set up, use, and repacking of an Orange Kit as well as how to properly complete the “after action” inventory of the kit contents.

• Core skills training (topic #2) – After the Event

Presented by Team 12:

Barbara / AC7UH


The incident deployment or exercise comes to a close, but we are not quite done.  There may be demobilization steps with a served agency, the EC and the Team Leaders need to confirm you returned home okay, there are After Action Reports, and perhaps repair of equipment and resupply of consumable items (forms, paper, etc.).  This presentation will help guide you through that process.

• “Lessons Learned” – Discussion-Based Drill

Presented by Team 0:

Michael / AE7GQ


This session will review the lessons learned during the “5th Saturday” drill on July 31, 2021.