Some have wondered why the CCARES leaders are so insistent that the Emergency Worker Daily Activity Report (Form EMD-078) be completed for each of our training activities. The answer is simple, it is required under Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 118-04-100 (12).

6/22/19 & 6/23/19 – Field Day

ARRL Field Day is a great opportunity for all Clark County ARES/RACES members to get outdoors and practice operating under “field” conditions, work closely with members from other teams, greet public officials and the general public, and to have fun.


•  7:00 AM Saturday – Set up antennas, radios, and solar panels
•  11:00 AM Saturday to 11:00 AM Sunday – “On-the-air” operating period
•  1:00 PM to 5:00 PM Saturday – Public visiting hours

Field Day Coordinator:

Bernd / KB7AK