9/28/19 – 2019 Simulated Emergency Test (S.E.T.)

Meeting Date: 
Saturday, September 28, 2019 - 09:00

Date:  Saturday, September 28th, 2019
Time:  9 AM to 1 PM

Simulated Scenario:  ESF #2 “field station” support for CRESA, direct observation and monitoring of various high-risk bridges and related waterways, and reporting those observations to the CRESA EOC via amateur radio using a prototype “Bridge Spot Report” form.

This will be a field deployment exercise.  All members are encouraged to participate.

Deployment Locations:  As dispatched by the Emergency Coordinator as part of exercise play.

Deployment Environment:  Outdoors, likely no amenities, be prepared for rain.

Equipment to Bring:
 • Mobile personal VHF/UHF radio (capable of at least 25 watts, dual band helpful)
 • External antenna (mounted or portable)
 • Clark County Road Atlas (either):
    −  $22 hard copy from the GIS Map Store, Suite 232, Public Service Center, 1300 Franklin Street, Vancouver
    −  Free download at https://www.ccareswa.org/system/files/library/Clark%20County%20Road%20%2...
   Current Handi-Card (Operating Aid, Tab 7, https://www.ccareswa.org/system/files/library/7-A-1%20CCARES%20Handi-Car...)
 • Copy of all exercise documents

Optional Equipment:
 • GPS system
 • Enable APRS from member vehicles during the exercise

Exercise Documents:  Download from https://www.ccareswa.org/library-tree/153

Hot Wash:  At the conclusion of the exercise, all members should participate in an on-the-
radio “hot wash” (exercise debriefing) which will be conducted by the EC on CLRK 2.